Monday, July 16, 2012

Ladies Diary Album

I fell in love with the Ladies Diary paper from Graphic 45 but was not sure what to make so I did a search on and came up with several examples and tutorials. I really liked the book that I found on  for a 6X12 size using the Ladies Dairy and here is my version.
I love the cover but really HATE the binding that I used. I do not have a Cinch machine...yet.

First page with two photo tags.

This page has a belly band and the photo mat is open on the side to hold two tags. Love the wooden dress form.

Another belly band and a pocket that holds two more tags. Love tags.

This open and holds two photo mats with a place to journal at the bottom.

Pretty simple. Two mats with a pocket at the top for another mat.

This top piece open and the bottom is a belly band.

Booklet with pocket at the top and belly band at the bottom.

Here it is open.

Two mats and three tags.

Back cover with a pocket at the top.

This is the charm that attaches to the front. It has a couple of pictures,an old watch,heart,beads and a crystal.


Ocean of Days-Tag Book

I finished this set of ocean tags last week but just got them all on the ring. The paper is from K and Company and the words from an old song book and English text that I have and often use. I used acrylic paint,sequin waste and little glass marbles. I really like how they turned out and they will be for sale in my etsy store .Hope you are enjoying your summer!
"gifts from the sea"

"beautiful are the waters"

"fresh water seas"

"standing on the edge separated by the ocean"

"splendid is the water"

"bless the seas"

"see how the waves do part"

"ocean of days"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Follow the yellow brick road....

Took a little break from my fabric stash and have been working on altered/mixed media books. I was at Achiver's for some cardstock and discovered the Graphic 45 line of paper. I know Graphic 45 has been around for a few years but I was not up to date on new lines in the scrapbook world. I am not a huge Wizard of Oz fan but I really liked the construction of this book and like how it turned out. I filled it with odd facts about the movie.

There is a pocket at the top that holds a black photo mat. I wrote in a spiral,facts about the movie using white ink.
Scarecrow and Tin Man pages.

Wicked Witch-love the pull out


The Wizard