Art Journal

Here are a few of the pages that I have been working on in the last few days. I like to work in three different books each with different size pages. One or two can be drying and I can work in the other one(s).
9 X 12 "Expanding the Spirit"

3x4 "Art" and "Fly Away"

5x8 Not finished. I think it needs words.....

5x8 "The Night Dance" I think this is finished.

 Happy Thursday to everyone. Hope you have exciting plans for this weekend. I am looking forward to a nap or two so I can catch up on some much needed rest. I wanted to share the pictures from the 
most recent swap I participated in on The theme was "Jump Start Your Art Journal". Your partner chose from a list of art journal themes and made the journal (first time making for many of us) and embellished no more than half the pages. My partner chose steampunk from my list and the follow is what she created. I really love this journal. The pages are tea dyed watercolor paper.


 Lots of lovely gears.

So, I figured out how to change and background of my blog. I saved the code from my original one and then tried to play around with the header and have lost it. I have the code still but can not get it back where it belongs. Can anyone help???? In the mean time here are some new art journal pages.

These three are from Pam Carriker's new book. Love that book.

This is my first attempt at using magazine images.

If you have not seen Pam Carriker's new book,Art at the Speed of Life,go have a look. Great eye candy and do-able projects and techniques. Her web site has a few more videos and she did a workshop series Strathmore web site.

I have been working on several art journal pages and I think I have the scanner mastered so I am posting a number of pages that I have been working on in the last few weeks.

These two are straight from Pam Carriker's web site. She has a tutorial there and it is easy to follow. Kind of my first steps into art journaling.

This fellow is on one of the prepared background that Pam talkes about in her book. You make up a bunch so that you have them ready when creativity strikes.

 Again,a prepared background with religious cards and items from our trip to Bath,England.

 I really like this one. It started out pretty rough so I kept adding stuff like stamps,oil pastels and I stenciled gesso on using a flower and vine stencil to give it some texture and depth.

 These clowns are a demo for altered artifacts. She puts together different images and has them for sell in her etsy store and I got put on the list to make up a sample of what you could do. I have a second example to finish-hopefully tonight-and get over to her.


  1. Those are really good art journal pages. art3osb @ swap-bot

  2. thank you. very fun and relaxing. thanks for stopping by.