Tuesday, April 13, 2010


WOW!! I just sold a quilt!! One of the volleyball moms saw a quilt I was using at a tournament and said she really liked it and before I knew it offered to purchase it. I will post pictures but it is a pink/gray quilt that I made using the pattern from Oh,Fransson's site-ohfransson.com.It is the modern quilt pattern-she had a quilt along that I missed but I did make the quilt. In fact I have made two using the same pattern and I am not crazy about either one of them. I love the pink and gray fabric but do not like how it is machine quilted and do not like the rust fabric that I picked for the other one at all. Do not know what I was thinking.
I don't sell very much so when I do have a sale it is cause for celebration! It gives you that boost of confidence to keep creating.

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