Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Bag and Art Classes

Well,the snow that was not going to get here until tomorrow arrived last night. Not much to speak of but enough to get the kids thinking about snow days. I have signed up for an on-line class with Lyric Kinard,Playing With Paint,and am really looking forward to getting started. She does amazing work. On top of that I sign up for on-line classes with Strathmore the folks who produce artist's sketch books and materials. They have some great workshops and they are free and have both a pdf and video.
I am posting pictures of a bag a recently listed on I love making these bags! They are made from a pair of cargo pants. Really. I have seen this idea floating around out on the web for some time and decided to try my hand at it. Once I figured out how big I wanted the bag the rest was pretty easy. I have not included directions but there are plenty out there on the web. I do try to use vintage fabric like bark cloth or some cool old sheets but you could do what ever. Hope you decide to make one and be sure to send me pictures!
Working on my New Year's resolutions!

This is the front. It has a little bird and some flowers embroidered there.

The front pocket that is right behind the flap,also has a little bird. The pocket has a velcro closure.

I love this back. The top says "forever+ever" and the bottom says "hopelessly so".


  1. Really cute bags.
    Were you serious about wanting the buckles??

    Let me know.


    barbara jean

  2. the bags are darling! :) Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments.

  4. WOW! You are amazing... can't believe you made these! Super cute :)