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Fabric Basket Tutorial

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Fabric baskets are a great way to store items around the house and are easy to make. This tutorial is for a square basket but you can easily adjust the size by enlarging it on a copier. So, gather up some general sewing supplies,cute fabric and let’s get started!

*linen or muslin for the outside of the basket-a fat quarter should work
*cotton for the lining-a fat quarter should work
*quilt batting
*general sewing supplies

Using the pattern located on the last page of this tutorial you need to cut out the following;
1- linen/muslin
1- lining
1- iron on interfacing
1- batting
2- 2 ½ X 5 1/2 from the lining fabric for the handles
2- 2 ½ X 5 1/2 from the interfacing for the handles

Read through the directions completely before you begin.All seaw allowances are 1/4".
Sewing abbreviations: RST-right sides together
                                    WRS-wrong sides together

* Please note the basket pictured in the tutorial is a rectangle. The process is the same for both a square- shaped or rectangle- shaped basket. To get the rectangle-shape, take the pattern and locate the "place on fold edge". If you cut it out as is,the basket will be square. Move the "place on folded edge" over between 1-2 inches,and you get a rectangle.


Fuse the interfacing to the handle sections following the manufactures instructions. Fold the handle section WST length ways and press to form a crease. Open and, using this crease as a guide, fold each side to the middle to match the crease line. Fold along the crease to create the handle. Sew close to the edge and repeat for the second handle and set both to the side.


Lining and Outside

Apply interfacing to the wrong side of the lining piece. Layer the lining,interfaced side up and the batting.

 Pin,RST,to form a square and stitch on all four sides. Set lining aside and repeat with the linen/muslin to make the outside. You will not apply interfacing or batting to this piece.

 Sew ric-rack to the outside of the basket. I used the large size ric-rack.

 Pin the handles to opposite sides of the basket about 1/2" in from the side seam with the loop of the handle toward the bottom of the basket. You can baste them if you need to or just leave them pinned.

Flip the linen/muslin wrong side out.  Pin the lining and the outside RST and stitch,leaving a 2" opening on one side so you can turn. Leave the opening on a side that does not have handles.

Turn right side out through the open. Fold the edges to the inside the slip-stitch closed .Edge stitch around the top if desired.

I added a running stitch with embroidery floss about 2" down from the top. You could do this before you stitched the lining and outside together it would be easier to attach but I decided after they were already together.

 I also added a yo-yo made from the lining fabric and a button.  Again, easier to attache before you sew the lining and outside together.

I hope you enjoyed making your basket and I would love to see pictures of your creations. 

This pattern is for home use only. If you post pictures of your completed project please include a link back to my blog Please do not distribute electronic copies of patterns via e-mail.  Do not resell my patterns (including as part of a kit).  Do not use my patterns to mass-produce items for sale on Etsy, at craft fairs, or in any other commercial venue.  
Thank you Barton for the proof read. 

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