Sunday, April 21, 2013

Altered Clothes Pin Tutorial

I wrote and posted this tutorial a while back but I notice that when you try to pull it up all you get is the opening photo. I do not know what happened but here it is again.

Select a page with vintage text. This is from an old English text book.
Add Mod Podge to the clothes pin. I used matte but any type would work. If you don't have Mod Podge use Gel Medium.
Play the pin on the text and press down. You can also flip it over if you want to smooth out the page.  The wrinkle do not bother me, I think it adds to the shabby look.

Press down to adhere.

Line the up across the page. Let them dry and then you can cut  or add four more at the bottom to get eight to a page. It is a little easier to cut and then add four more to the bottom but that is up to you.
Cut them apart leaving a little paper around the pin.

Start out the edge and rip the paper to get the jagged edge. The paper needs to be completely dry for this to work. It is also easier to rip away and down from the edge instead of up.

Take your ink pad and go around the edges and across the top.

If you left the wrinkles in you can just hit the tops with a little ink.


  1. I love this, I'm definitely gonna try it out! ~ Washi (SwapBot)

  2. very easy and kid friendly. thanks for visiting. hope you are enjoying swapbot.

  3. How cute!! This would be a great project to upgrade all my clothespins that I use in the pantry for the cereal and chip bags!!

    Davisbabe from Swap-bot Follow me #11

  4. thanks for stopping by and taking a look . hope you are enjoying swap-bot.

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