Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Almost Spring Cleaning

I have been on this major cleaning kick,must be all the time we had at home due to snow days,and spent some time cleaning and organizing my sewing drawer. Well,one drawer. Amazing what you can find that has nothing to do with sewing. Band-aids and an alcohol wipe. I think I put it there following an incident involving my finger and the sewing machine needle. Sounds worse that what it was. A few bobby pins. These are good for holding hems if you don't have those little hemming bird things-I do but since I reorganized I can't find them so I use the bobby pins. Q-tips,poker chips,a magnet and a fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie round out my findings. I'm sure I had a plan,I just forgot where I put it.
I'm going to be busy the next few days getting some things ready for my Mom to take around to a couple of shops. That was one of my goals this year along with this blog so I am hoping for good things. If anyone can convince people to carry my stuff it is my Mom. So I will be posting pictures of what I am sending. Come on St. Anthony!!!

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